Kestrel at DEMO Fall 2012 Conference

Tech Crunch – Birdeez One of the 14 Most Interesting Startups at DEMO

TechCrunchLogoBirdeez was picked up by TechCrunch for our appearance at DEMO. People always seemed shocked to have a Bird app as part of their lineup. Bird watching is one of the things that drove the development of the internet! Maybe I’ll have to do a retrospective on bird watching and technology.

Ecolek’s Birdeez grew out of a student project at UC Santa Barbara. A bird in the hand is worth two on your phone, or something. The app, simply put, helps bird-watchers … track birds they see on their routine bird-watching adventures … read descriptions of the avian animals you identify, keep track of all your sightings and even tweet about it. Get it? Tweet? Warning: This app may not have quite as much utility if you’re an urban dweller. You can only identify pigeons so many times.

That last part is totally false. There are likely close over 50 species of birds near you even if you are in a city! We chose to launch the app with an American Kestrel because it is an amazingly beautiful bird you can see almost anywhere in the US. But I was hoping to get a Peregrine Falcon since that is a species that nests on City Hall in San Jose, next door to DEMO!

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