Santa Barbara

As a board member of the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, I was spearheading the effort to improve their online presence. After a series of meetings, the co-president turned to me and asked “You could build this right?” After we did some special fundraising, I had another job!

I added metrics to their existing website to understand how people used it. I interviewed current Audubon chapter members about what they were looking for. And I worked closely with the other board members to understand everything they hoped the site would be. The answers: birding events, advocacy articles and fundraising.

In the end, I built a completely custom deployment of WordPress based on The custom responsive theme and uses the colors of the City of Santa Barbara. I wrote a lot of the copy and several articles. The backend PHP was also customized to make the webmaster’s life easier and address many of the issues they had before.

Take a look, and if you are in SB, do some birding:

Tech: WordPress,, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3Events Manager

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